My art practice focuses on issues of representation and belonging, with regard to language, religion and culture. I work mostly in the areas of drawing, zines and comics these days, and am interested in exploring political and religious themes. As a teenager, I was nurtured on a steady diet of horror films, Surrealist art, heavy metal music, fantasy literature, and the work of visual fantasists like Ernst Fuchs and the comic book artists Mobeius and Bernie Wrightson. I am now interested in how these sometimes maligned genres of art–and ways of representing the world–might provide new opportunities for social criticism and understanding.

Below are some galleries of comics, artworks and projects that I have worked on.

My comics and zines

Undrawing the line

Muslim zombies – gallery & online essay


Deathcrust Zikr


Portraits of family members

Portraits from L’Arche

Drawings from the Villawood detention centre

I’ve also been involved in the amazing art gang.