My comics and zines

As a teenager I was nurtured on a steady diet of horror films, Surrealist art, heavy metal music, fantasy literature, and the works of Bill Sienkiewicz,  Ernst Fuchs, Mobeius and Bernie Wrightson. I am now interested in how the often-maligned genres of comix and cartoon art – with its long tradition of subversive humour and absurdism – might provide new opportunities for social criticism and understanding.

Healing Alone – a graphic medicine web-comic made in collaboration with Dr Isabel Hanson.

My struggle with Crohn’s Disease (2017)

Advice comics – Huda responds to people’s dilemmas here and here.

The Curse of the Sheikh

Villawood: Notes from an immigration detention centre (2015) & Belonging: Post Villawood

Villawood won a Walkley Award in the Artwork category in 2015, and was translated into French by Courrier International.

Torture: The Aussie Way (2015)

It’s not about Islam, a little web comic I made in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shooting (2015).

The Good Son, a comic-memoir about my childhood. It can be bought in print from the Take Care zine distro (2014).

Holy Diver art zine (2014).

Yusuf’s Story, this was first published in The Key of Sea journal (2013).

‘Alam al-mithal: The imaginal world (2013)

Safdar’s Wierd Shit, volumes one (2013) and two (2014). Little self published sketchbook-type zines containing various memories and stray reflections. I usually sell these at zine fairs.

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